Stop Your Cravings: Satsify Your Tastes Without Sacrificing Your Health – by Jennifer Workman M.S.,R.D

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You can truly trust Jeniffer Workman’s writing about how to stop food cravings because she has written for many health fitness publications.

These include Madamoiselle, American spa, and Harper’s Bazaar, by whom she was rated one of the top ten experts to help you revamp your diet. She is a nutritionist and Ayurveda instructor based in Colorado New York.

In Stop Your Cravings Workman shows how eating the right combination of foods and flavors for certain body types and lifestyles, along with yoga and exercise, can diminish cravings to the point that food is no longer an issue of stress and worry.

Jennifer Workman’s book starts by explaining why you crave what you crave. Then you will have to take an interesting self-test to find out what type you are.

Chapter 3 of this book talks about the balanced approach to clean proteins, good fats, and nongluten carbohydrates: your metabolic profile.

Chapter 4 discusses the importance of digestion – maximizing health, wellness, and weight management through optimal digestion.

Chapter 5 looks at food sensitivities, blood type, cultural background, and their relation to cravings and digestion.

Chapter 6 looks at how to increase muscle, burn fat, and release stress through exercise, with a special emphasis on the balancing powers of yoga.

Chapter 7: Finishes off with rounding it all up. By the time you are done with your reading, you will have full knowledge of how to stop food cravings.

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