Spicy Food Cravings

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If you take your time and read the following article you will find out different reasons why you crave for spicy food. You will also know what kind of a person you are if you have spicy food cravings. The article will further give you details on the effects of spicy foods on pregnant women, why you crave spicy foods instead of sweet foods and lastly the 3 ways to avoid spicy foods to ease GERD symptoms.

If you are not a spicy food fan then Spicy food cravings can be very unusual but understanding it can be valuable. One reason that may lead to you craving spicy foods may be that your body is responding to fighting inflammation.

Most of the very hot ingredients usually contain an active substance which will decrease swelling or lessen the pain. One of the reasons may be that you do not have enough sulfur. In order for you to overcome this, you will have to take onions, cabbage, garlic cauliflower and many others.

Spicy food cravings may also mean that your body is unable to regulate its temperature and requires something to do that. It may also be an indication of a symptom of zinc deficiency. In order to be able to reduce this craving, you might as well eat foods like leafy vegetables and root vegetables daily.

Effects Of Spicy Food On Pregnant Women

Eating spicy foods when you are pregnant will be safe for both you and your baby but some doctors will inform their patients not to take spicy foods or at least cut down on them. The reason why they will make this recommendation is that when you eat such foods you will cause gas, bloating and heartburn.

Sometimes it will happen that when you eat there will be no effect then you are more than welcome to take as much as you can. However, if you want to breastfeed your child you are not allowed to eat the spicy food even though they have no effect on you on the third trimester.

The gas that will be formed after eating such foods may pass through the breast milk and irritate babies’ sensitive digestive system. It is recommended that all pregnant women eat a healthy balanced meal during that period. Read more on spicy food cravings.

Why Do You Crave For Spicy Foods?

Spicy Food Cravings

Some people have spicy food cravings but keep wishing to crave for sweet things. If you are one of those people that tend to have a problem with cooling down cravings then by the end of this paragraph you will be helped. What happens is that our bodies tend to relate with some other types of foods with stress relief.

Most of the time food cravings come up when our bodies have worn-out its reserved nutrients. At times our body will be thirsty and we often misunderstand thirst with hunger. If you keep yourself hydrated all day you will realize that you will feel full. Read more on why spicy foods.

3 Ways to Avoid Spicy Foods to Ease GERD Symptoms

1. Define GERD

What does GERD mean? It is a disease of the digestive system with the main symptom of acid reflux or heartburn. The symptoms will start with heartburn that will also include a bumping feeling or pain after eating any food. The pain is usually under the ribs. Another one will be that you find difficulty in swallowing. This will be caused by the combination of excess production of stomach acids.

2. Spicy foods to avoid

There is no food that will ever cause GERD but you know that a lot of people think spicy foods will do that. If you are one person that eats spicy foods and then they have GERD then you will have to stop consuming that or cut it. Avoid spicy foods that are found in ethics foods. If you love cooking using them then you might as well change to other spices.

3. The Dangers of Dining out

Be careful of dining out because most restaurants flavour their foods with spicy foods. If you are one person that knows that your GERD is triggered by spicy food then it will be advisable for you to avoid dining out. Read more on GERD and spicy food cravings.

There is a lot of information that was not included in the article due to space but I have provided links that you can use to get more information. From the article, you have seen the reason why you have spicy food cravings. You can recommend this article to your friends if you found it helpful.


One reason that may lead to you craving spicy foods may be that your body is responding to aggressive irritation in your body.
Most of the time food cravings are comes up when our bodies have worn-out its reserved nutrients.
Be careful of dining out because most restaurants flavour their foods with spicy foods
Additional Information
In some cases some people when they eat spicy foods they have the best moments but that will not be the same with when it comes to the stomach. The thought of dealing with stomach pain after eating a very spicy meal is so uncomfortable. If you educate yourself on the food that causes this kind of irritation then you will enjoy every meal you will eat.

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