Premenstrual Food Cravings (PMS)

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Killing is a crime don’t do it even for a piece of chocolate. Know your body and learn how to curb premenstrual food cravings (PMS binging).

It’s 11 p.m. at night watching TV or reading your favorite book, for the past hour you’ve been trying your best not to take heed to the nagging food craving that just won’t leave.

You want to get up and just go get something to chew and pass time – a piece of chicken maybe, or how about something sugary and filled with carbohydrates

or are you in your office just before lunch hour and you can’t stop starring at the watch. You look around and you find everybody is so serious. You really want it..just a taste

It’s strange though, how come sometimes you can just say NO! I’m not going to give in to this food craving no matter what. Check your dates well, it might be premenstrual food cravings. Let’s face it, sugar cravings when pre-menstrual are a major Goliath to most women but in this article, we will quickly go over how to curb the premenstrual food cravings. You can simply check out this Free Diet and fitness coach to help you get started with your real life.

A significantly high number of both physical and emotional Premenstrual symptoms (PMS) have been identified and appetite and food cravings are one of them. Most often the premenstrual food cravings dictate that you take some carbohydrates, although the cravings affect a lot of normal eating women this is quite dangerous for women who are already having a hard time controlling their food cravings as this premenstrual period can present an opportunity to indulge further.

Right before you get your periods you may have an irresistible craving for sweet and starchy foods. It is scientifically explained this is the body’s way of “demanding” nutrients it lacks. For example, sugar cravings can be caused by low blood sugar levels. Of course, some cravings can be based on other various physiological needs.

Premenstrual Food Cravings

A few days before your periods you normally feel depressed or irritable and you even find yourself saying “my hormones are taking me for a free ride”. In order to gain full control of your premenstrual food cravings, It is important to know some significant causes of the hormonal imbalances in the body.

Most often this is caused by a shortage of a hormone called serotonin which is basically your feel-good hormone. Research shows that this serotonin is involved in some of the mood changes of premenstrual syndrome. A lack of it will lead to depression, irritability, insomnia, fatigue, uneasiness and a whole list of negative emotions.

Serotonin is restored by eating carbohydrates. Your body knows this and that is why you start cravings sweet things. Once you eat the sweets you will feel a lot better and much calmer. Unfortunately, these carbohydrates only release a small amount of serotonin which eventually gets exhausted and you start feeling guilty about having eaten so much resulting in another depression which will call for… Yes, another round of chocolates and the cycle begins again. Should we even start talking about the weight you’ll gain in the process (commonly described as another symptom of PMS).

Of course, there are a lot of good carbohydrates that you can take with out becoming a victim of PMS binging

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