Natural Treatment for Depression

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Depression is a common and very serious illness. It is not just sadness or being moody but it is a mental health disorder that can affect the way you eat and even sleep. If you have already become a victim of overeating and have gained some weight,

This means this disorder does not only affects the mind but the whole body as well.

This is because when you are depressed you are most likely to have food cravings and fall into excessive eating.

This would obviously lead to massive weight gain. The consequences can be deadly due to obesity, heart attack, suicide and any other resultant disease.

You can not simply “think” depression away and the most unsettling thing about is that while some people have a single episode of depression may have episodes that recur.

Types of depression

Natural Treatment for Depression

There are different forms in which depression manifests itself. The most common ways are called, major depression, dysthymia and bipolar disorder. With major depression, you tend to lose the ability to work, sleep, study, eat and enjoy yourself. Dysthymia is less severe but can last for a very long time.

With this type of depression, you are able to live your normal life and do all the general activities but most often you don’t feel good about yourself of about life. If this continues, it is possible to fall into major depression.

Bipolar disorder depression, on the other hand, comes with mood swings, sometimes called maniac-depression, this disorder can live you feeling high (maniac) one minute and depressed the other. When in the maniac state you are more likely to be overactive and talkative and show a lot of energy.

This can affect thinking judgment and may end up causing some serious damage to your well being. For example, you can make irrational decisions about your business, relationship or education and end up regretting it in the process. Some of the symptoms include, increased talking, decreased need for sleep, Abnormal or excessive elation, racing thoughts, an abnormal increase in sexual desire. If left untreated, this type can lead to a psychotic state, which can live you detached from reality.

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