Understanding The Causes, Signs, And Symptoms of Male Hormone Imbalance

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When there is a disturbance in the level in one of the steroid hormones in men, particularly the testosterone, hormonal imbalance will occur. Usually, this happens in men between the ages of 45-55 years. Most of these male patients have andropause which is comparable to the menopause of the women. When the testosterone level drops, the result would be physical and mental changes.

That is why aging is often considered as the number one factor that leads to male hormone imbalance. Nonetheless, several factors such as sedentary lifestyle, diets, stress, among others may precipitate the hormonal imbalance that has become common in younger men nowadays.

One of the common clinical manifestations of male hormone imbalance would include acne formation, allergies, loss of hair, diabetes, skin dryness, swollen prostate glands, bowel or urinary incontinence, irritability, decreased libido, decreased sperm count, memory loss, mood swings, weight gain or loss, anxiety, and panic attacks, etc. One of the well-known signs of male hormone imbalance is breast enlargement. The commonly affected population by this condition are men with excessive weight.

Male hormone imbalance symptoms must be identified during the initial phase of the condition in order to have it treated right away. Checking the condition with a doctor is very important especially if the patient has manifestations without even knowing the main cause of the problem.

Hormone Replacement Therapy and other therapeutic regimens are usually prescribed to take care of the different symptoms of hormonal imbalances among male patients. Hormone Replacement Therapy could treat deficient and imbalanced hormones. Moreover, some doctors may prescribe hormone precursors as part of the therapeutic regimen for hormonal imbalance.

Sometimes patients taking medications for hormonal imbalances may be manifesting side effects and adverse reactions. So, a doctor’s prescription is always necessary for every medical condition just to be safe.

One must remember that male hormone imbalance could be manifested at a younger age, yet it could be prevented by an appropriate lifestyle and diet. One must also try to decrease one’s level of stress. Last but not the least, hormonal imbalance is successfully managed, and it is essential to ask a doctor for early diagnosis and treatment.

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