Why Hormone Imbalance Test Is Essential For Treatment

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Among the medical problems that need to be tested immediately is the hormonal imbalance that occurs in many people today. Below are some of the different types of hormone imbalance test which are widely used by a lot of doctors nowadays.

1. Testosterone Test.

This is a hormone imbalance test that assesses the levels of the male hormone in the blood called the “androgen”. The sexual development of men has been significantly affected by testosterone hormones. Testosterone tests are mostly prescribed by the doctors to assess the medical problems such as decreased sexual urges, erectile dysfunction, delayed puberty, tumor markers for testicular or ovarian, and infertility in males and females.

2. Estrogen Test.

This is the commonly used hormone imbalance test for women. This measures the amount of estrogen (estriol, estrone, and estradiol), which can be obtained from the blood and urine.

Levels of estriol are usually detected throughout the pregnancy period. It is produced by the placenta in large quantities. Estriol can be determined as early as the 9th weeks of pregnancy in which the number of these hormones would rise extensively throughout the delivery of the infant. Obtaining estriol from a urine sample is also possible.

The amount of estrogen in the body of a woman can be detected with the use of an estrone sample which can be extracted throughout the menopausal period. It is also used in women and in men who might have adrenal glands, ovarian, and testicular cancer.

Estradiol is commonly measured in women of different ages. The level of estradiol in the bloodstream depends primarily on the menstruation cycle of a woman. When the women are already manifesting symptoms of menopausal syndrome, eventually the production of estradiol would decrease.

3. Progesterone Test.

This is the type of hormone imbalance test that indicates the quantity of progesterone produced in the blood. This hormone level examination for progesterone is used to assess conditions with regards to the ovulation, infertility, difficulty in pregnancy, disorders in adrenal glands, and high-risk pregnancies among women.

These hormone imbalance tests are performed specifically for the medical professionals and physicians to determine the cause of the condition as well as to come up with the diagnosis and therapeutic management.

Different treatment programs such as medications, hormonal replacement therapies, diet plans, lifestyle modifications, alternative medicines are being implemented nowadays. The doctors would prescribe a comprehensive and preventive treatment program that is specifically modified to every patient’s needs.

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