What To Know About Hormone Imbalance Causes

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The role of the hormones in our body is very important. If there any changes in the levels of these hormones, the individual would manifest several symptoms of hormonal imbalances. Below are the main Hormone Imbalance Causes.

1. Estrogen Dominance.

This is believed to be the major reason for the imbalanced hormones in the body. Estrogen dominance is the increased in the estrogen production and then decreased in the progesterone secretion.

Several factors such as the utilization of birth control pills and contraceptives, eating foods that are rich in estrogen, stress, hormonal replacement therapy and use of cosmetics can cause estrogen dominance.

2. Stress.

When the person is in a stress state, the body would compensate by stimulating the progesterone to secrete adrenal costecoscosteroids. Although these hormones are responsible to fight against stress, when our body is always on a high level of pressure, the progesterone would not be able to produce enough amount of the hormone to overcome it.

This would eventually cause adrenal exhaustion, leaving no space for the excess progesterone which is necessary for other body functions.

3. Eating Disorders.

Anorexia nervous and bulimia are just some of the common eating disorders that could trigger imbalances in the levels of hormones. This happens because eating disorders could lower the levels of the reproductive hormone such as dehydroepiandrosterone and estrogen.

Eating disorders boost the stress hormones, which causes reproductive hormones to decline. Aside from dehydroepiandrosterone and estrogen, the growth and thyroid hormones are as well affected by these abnormal eating habits.

4. Environmental Contaminants.

Hormonal imbalances may also be caused by several environmental factors such as gasoline fumes, insecticides, beauty products, etc, which may stimulate the production of body hormones. When these contaminants reach the estrogen access of the body, the hormones can’t function normally, thus leads to several hormonal imbalances.

5. Diet Containing Fats.

The fats in the meats of the animals have estrogen, which could enter into the bloodstream of the humans and trigger the overproduction of estrogen.

6. Testosterone in males.

Even though the testes make 95% of testosterone in male, they also produce estrogen. The follicle stimulates hormone and the luteinizing hormone stimulates hormone production in the testes. However, as men get older, the testosterone level drops while the estrogen increases.

When the testosterone drops at a very low level, the muscles strength and flexibility, density of the bones, sexual urge, and other body structures would be affected. Also, for severe cases, it may lead to prostate problems.

Hormone Imbalance Causes
These are the common hormonal imbalance causes that may trigger the body of an individual to become weak and agitated. However, the person can avoid the manifestations of the hormonal imbalances in the body by following the different therapeutic and preventive regimens.

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