Food List For A Gluten Allergy Diet

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People who have a sensitivity to gluten would experience symptoms especially when they consume gluten-rich foods. This medical condition is known as a gluten allergy or gluten sensitivity. This genetically runs in the family and considered to be an autoimmune condition.

Gluten is a combination of two types of protein -gliadin, and glutenin, which found in cereals and gluten-containing products. Individuals may often asymptomatic when it comes to the manifestation of symptoms caused by a gluten allergy.

A Gluten allergy diet is one way to avoid the occurrence if its symptoms. Now, let us try to sort out the food lists in the gluten allergy diet and see which food must be avoided and which ones are safe. Here is a list of foods items that a gluten-sensitive individual must avoid in the gluten allergy diet.

•Cereal flour
•Breaded foods
•Regular starches
•Bulgur wheat
•Creamed foods
•Modified food starches
•Textured vegetable protein
•Wheat pasta
•Udon noodles
•Flour tortillas
•Malt and its flavoring•
•Regular cornbread
•Cereal based stabilizer and emulsifier
•Cereal based food flavorings
•Vegetable gum
•Hydrolyzed vegetable protein
•Meat sauces and balls
•Worcestershire sauce
•Regular soup thickenings

In cooking for a gluten allergic person, one must be open-minded in choosing from a wide range of food options. There are many foods that are gluten-free, and enriched with several essential nutrients. Check the following food items that don’t contain gluten, which is good for one’s diet especially for those who have a gluten allergy.

•Rice and flour
•Whole or ground buckwheat
•Corn tortillas
•Whole quinoa
•Arrowroot and flour
•Tapioca flour
•Corn, corn starch, and cornmeal
•Bread with alternative flours (not barley, rye, and wheat)
•Leafy vegetables
Vegetable salads
•Fresh fruits
•Fruit juices
•Eggs and poultry products
•Roasted and Grilled fish
•Grilled and broiled meat

Individuals who are gluten sensitive would follow the food items given above, he or she may avoid the occurrence of symptoms caused by a gluten allergy.

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