Fat Burning Foods For Efficient Weight Loss

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For the last decade, heart disease and diabetes were considered as leading causes of mortality in many countries. Ten years ago, the food pyramid was reconsidered to prevent the existence of such health problems. Up to now, heart conditions like coronary heart disease and heart attack are even the leading causes of death worldwide.

This brings us to the importance of diet as an intervention for such conditions. Identifying what are fat burning foods is the key to achieving a healthier body and longer life. For many decades in the past, people wrongly believed that obesity is healthy that led to raising overweight children.

Presently, being overweight is a serious health issue that makes people seek what are fat-burning foods. If you want to further understand what are fat burning foods, this article would assist you by explaining how such food facilitates weight loss. Here’s some useful information:

1. Hot beverages like coffee and green tea. These beverages partly answer what are fat burning foods because they can enhance the metabolism of the body. Coffee is known for inducing thermogenesis or raising the body temperature to burn calories. Likewise, green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate (ECGC) can also enhance the metabolism of the body. No wonder, caffeine and green tea extract are both contained by popular weight-loss supplements.

2. Lean Meat. This could mean turkey, chicken, and other games. Yet, one can also try lean cuts of beef or pork to support their weight loss diet plan. If you analyze what are fat burning foods, you would discover that such foods are high in protein to provide satiety to dieters. Protein curbs appetite and makes the metabolism to work harder resulting in weight loss.

3. Spices. This pertains to chilis which contain capsaicin. Capsaicin found on the seeds is what makes the chili spicy. Currently, a lot of drug companies have taken interest in chili for its therapeutic benefits. For weight loss, it works by inducing the burning of calories for three hours after consumption. Also, chili can regulate blood sugar which in turn prevents sudden hunger pangs and cravings; it also makes a person feel full.

Now that you have an understanding of what are fat burning foods, you can look for recipes that include these ingredients. Nothing can be as enjoyable as eating good food yet lose weight.

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