Fabulous Five Fat Burning Foods For Women

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Women are generally careful about their physical appearance regardless of age. In fact, whenever women get together with their friends, they always compare physical appearances. Most concerns that women have about their bodies are flabby arms, big waistline and love handles. In fact, millions of women regularly exercise but they also need something that they can eat.

Undoubtedly, fat burning foods are always sought by women who need to lose extra weight. It would be a good deal of people can eat yet lose weight at the same time. Here’s a fabulous five list of fat burning foods for women popular nowadays:

1. Green Tea Not all people are fond of drinking hot beverages, but if you know what green tea can do for your body you may reconsider. Green tea has a substance known as epigallocatechin gallate which is a good anti-oxidant. ECGC enhances the body’s metabolism that can greatly accelerate the shedding of pounds.

It can trigger a more efficient conversion of fatty deposits for energy use. Although it is mainly an effective anti-oxidant to combat stress, it is also considered the best fat burning foods for women.

2.Skim milk The calcium nutrient in milk is largely responsible for enhancing weight loss aside from helping the bones. This is according to a study made by the University of Tennessee. The study revealed that women who drink more milk shed more pounds. Milk can help suppress appetite which lessens cravings.

3.Nuts– You can choose from walnuts, pistachios, and almonds among others. The nut contains fiber to help you feel full. Nuts contain healthy fat such as essential fatty acids that help nourish the body with fewer calories.

4.Chicken There are various ways to prepare chicken that is rich in protein. Protein is good for people who are trying to lose weight. Fat burning foods for women also include poultry like turkey which is lean meat.

5.Chili Time to spice up your dishes. Chili provides some benefits such as control blood sugar and heightens the metabolism of the body. It prevents you from feeling sluggish even after a carbohydrate-rich meal. Chili is considered by many as one of the healthiest spices.

Indeed, fat burning foods for women shouldn’t be expensive. The ones listed above can be bought from any grocery store.

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