How Effective Is Cranberry Juice For Kidney Stones?

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Fruits, including cranberry, are great sources of juice, but their good effects on our health are still not proven. This fruit juice is popular as a natural remedy against infections in the urinary tract. However, this type of fruit beverage can adversely affect your health. So, it is essential that we are aware of both the good and the bad things that cranberry juice can give us.

According to research, cranberry juice for kidney stones can be bad for us. Several researchers point out the important role of quinic acid in the prevention of stones in kidneys, but more reliable studies are able to reveal that this is actually not the case.

Cranberry juice has vitamin C and calcium, which turn into oxalate inside the body. Remember that oxalate is the main factor that causes the formation of stones in the kidneys. Stones in the kidneys develop from substances that are in excess and this could cause problems to the person.

Even health experts have differing opinions about cranberry juice for kidney stones. There are professionals who support the efficacy of this fruit juice, but there are those who tell people to avoid drinking this juice. Individuals who are not suffering from any illnesses should not drink lots of this fruit juice regularly. A lot of people say prevention is better than cure.

There is no evidence yet about cranberry juice for kidney stones, so we still do not know its impact on the stones formed in the kidneys. Thus, it is best not to drink this fruit juice until reliable results can prove that it is indeed effective.

Many weight-conscious individuals choose cranberry juice without artificial sweeteners because it has little caloric content. Additionally, it is known to detoxify the body from unwanted toxins. However, the information that surfaces which puts this fruit juice in a bad light may stop people from using this juice for their liquid or detoxification diet.

In the end, cranberry juice for kidney stones is a double-edged sword so we have to be smart in our decisions. Let us not wait for something to happen before we act because it could be too late.
We should take good care of our bodies because it’s irreplaceable.

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