An Introduction To Resistance Training Equipment

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Individuals who want to meet their fitness goals should choose the appropriate resistance training equipment suited for their sports. Resistance training has gained a lot of followers since it provides numerous benefits like rapid weight loss, faster speed, improved agility and strength.

Athletes or even average people can improve their over-all performance in whatever sport they’re in as long as they have the proper  equipment. However, there are many types of equipment which depends on the sport being practiced. If an individual wants to focus on developing his lower body such as strong legs for running, a certain equipment is developed for that.

Check out various  equipment described here

1. Fitness parachutes – Small version of parachutes that are useful for runners who need to enhance their running speed. Most of these parachutes are light weight ( no more than 5.0z) which can be used to enhance speed while running. When the parachute opens, there is air resistance opposing the runner thereby causing him to increase the stride and develop much speed Not only is this equipment light but also very easy to use because the strap can be released instantly

2 An improvised sled where plates can be stacked and pushed.
The point of using dog sleds is to enhance the power of muscles such as glutes and quadriceps.
If you’re looking for  equipment that can boost your performance on the court, whether basketball or tennis, this fits very well.

3. Sidestep elastic bands- There are any types of sports that requires side step movements such as tennis or basketball. Sidestep elastic bands can help athletes perform easier shuffles, lateral walks or slides which reduce friction on the groin. It is important to develop flexibility on the hamstring and hips which can be aided by doing raised knee drills using this equipment These bands are made up of elastic tubing that are sturdy enough when stretched. When one has the suitable equipment, performance factors such as speed, power, strength or agility can really go a long way. It is not difficult to choose from hundreds of models of resistance training equipment sold in the market. One does not necessarily have to buy costly equipment to see results; rather, it is more important to use the equipment consistently to gain the benefits.


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