What Is The Connection Between Acne And Hormone Imbalance

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For us to clearly identify the connection between acne and hormone imbalance, it is very important to know first what are hormones and their specific roles in our bodies. Hormones are chemical substances that function in the alterations of cell metabolism.

Our body is producing cells in large amounts but because not all hormones are good for our body, the excess is discarded. Likewise, when our body could not dispose of the excess androgenic hormones that control the sebum produced by oil glands, it leads to clogging of the system; hence acne would eventually develop.

So, this is the connection between acne and hormone imbalance. Below is a list of factors that could add to the production of acne and hormone imbalance.


In this stage of life, the body is in its overdrive phase because the structures of hormones have been altered. And as a consequence of such, the liver can detoxify all excess toxins in our body which could result in acne development.


During the period when a woman is pregnant, the body produces a high amount of hormones for the nutritional support of the fetus in the womb. Development of acne is not just the concern, but the mother may as well experience other clinical manifestations such as back pain, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, morning sickness, etc.


The menstrual cycle of a woman may contribute to the imbalance of the hormones. Acne formation may occur because, during these periods, the woman’s body is in its overdrive state due to the loss of blood and nutritional components.

The person with acne and hormone imbalance may undergo some therapeutic management. In women, treatment is often aided with birth control pills. The medicines and pills have numerous chemicals that facilitate to control the hormonal imbalance and thereby, eliminate the acne formations.

Along with the birth control pills, there are some medications given as an acne and hormone imbalance therapeutic regimens. However, it is very essential to consult first a dermatologist for a prescription of these drugs to avoid any adverse reactions.

Acne and hormone imbalance are interrelated, as we have seen. We should now consider maintaining a healthy way of life because of the fact that it helps a lot in preventing the onset of acne development and hormonal imbalance in our body.

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