10 Tips on How to Control Food Cravings

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In life, we all need to have control over things. So to have self-esteem over excessive eating habits is one thing to be considered. Here in this article, you will read about the main 10 tips on how to control food cravings. You will learn things that trigger yearnings and how to reduce your food intake. You will also read on the benefits of healthy eating. There are certain emotions that usually bring about the feeling of hunger in our minds.

Am sure as you read the following paragraphs you will find suitable options you can employ as your own.

Now that you know you have a problem with food; you opt to do the following. This will look a bit difficult at first but practice makes perfect. Take one step at a time like baby steps.

Learn to be in Control of Food Craving

You need to sit down and relax. Clear your mind and notice if the hunger is real or just o your minds. Nutritional specialist calls the hunger of the brain emotional cravings. So if you want t to avoid this kind of hunger, you will need to enjoy your food when eating, savour each minute, take small bits and this will keep emotional hunger way.

Apply Balance Diet Meals for Good Results

One out of the 10 tips on how to control food cravings not to skip your meals. You must make sure you control food cravings with balanced diet meals such as plant proteins, carbohydrates and fibre in your diet. If you don’t have time to prepare a well-cooked meal, you can pack along 1 carrot; which is rich in vitamin A also known as Carotene and fibre. Roast a handful of peanuts, whole wheat biscuits and some low-fat cheese. This will help reduce the physical feeling of hunger.

Learn to Stop Overeating

Do this by buying yourself a stopwatch. This will help you control the time you eat. Food yearnings only last for a few minutes. Yes, you can do it, just hold you breathe and count those minutes away. You can do this for a few days and the rest feel like a natural.

Adopt Healthy Eating Habits for Food Cravings

Be what you eat. Try to control your old eating habits by adding nutritious food elements.
Try to identify hunger pains from emotional hunger. Know when you really hungry and not deceived by the brains.

Drink at least 2 liters of water daily

This doesn’t necessarily mean drinking pure water alone. You can indulge in zero caffeine beverages such as fruit juice, iced tea and more. Add a few drops of lemon juice in your water and enjoy it.

Enjoy your Beauty Sleeps

10 Tips on How to Control Food Cravings

Sleeping relaxes the body and mind. If you get enough sleep you also reducing cholesterol level in your body as we as realizing the gelatin created by your body. Note that most gelatins produced by the body increase the level of longing for food. So getting adequate sleeping hours is another best from the 10 tips on how to control food cravings.

After eating you need to brush your teeth to control food cravings. Yes brushing your teeth twice a day keeps the dentist away. Researches from Marcia Pelchat, PhD, Monell Center show that brushing and flossing your teeth will send messages to your brains that you are done eating at that time. This will control your brains from sending hunger thoughts to your stomach.
If you staying in places that influence your eating disorder, I suggest that you change the location or environment you in.

Engage yourself in yoga, walking and exercise tips to control food cravings. Doing this will help you fight the temptation of longing for food all the time.
Above I have tried to include all 10 tips on how to control food cravings. You can always start with a smaller number to the biggest. And if you can follow all these tips you will pass your craving test, so next time you feel like eating something, remember to follow the above guides. You and your friends can enjoy doing this together.


Learning to control your eating time table is a must.
Employee the stopwatch food method to control your food cravings
Drink water when you feel the hunger creeping in. Maybe you are not really hungry but thirsty
Eat nutritional sacks instead of fried foods and fizzy drinks
Engage your mind at something other than food e.g. exercising
Brushing your teeth after a meal helps
Change environments that influence your eating
Eat high protein fibre snacks

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